Discovering You Project

The Discovering You Project is about wanting to know how God created you with a Passion, a Style of Communication, and Spiritual Gifts

Most people have a gift that has never been open.  This gift is from God who instructs the Holy Spirit to reveal and release in you and me.  When passion, style of communication and spiritual gifts come together we are empowered, confident, and most of all we are humbled. We are not perfect because all of these areas need constant work. These are the areas we employ in the workplace, in social settings, and in ministry as we are responsible for the details of each when we work/with other people.

So let us get ready to go on an expedition




SetgoalsSome of us have



The author of Discovering Your God- Given Purpose material is Shana Schutte keep the content in full. Shana’s website is

I want to thank Shana for the use of her material.